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INTEGRO es una compañía de teatro con 35 años de trayectoria fundada por el director peruano Oscar Naters, cuyos proyectos incorporan elementos de cambio y reflexión sobre la dimensión cósmica del ser humano y están basados en la exploración y experimentación interdisciplinaria de medios y lenguajes artísticos.

Su interés son performances híbridos, resultado del contraste, fusión, tensión e invención de rituales sobre el conocimiento de antiguas y nuevas migraciones culturales. 

La compañía ha participados en mas de 40 festivales internacionales, entre ellos, el Festival Internacional Cervantino, México; Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Cádiz, España; Sommertheater Festival, Hamburgo, Alemania; Festival Internacional de Teatro de Bogotá, Colombia; Vikram Sarabhai Internacional Arts Festival, Ahmedabad, India y ha realizado giras en España, Alemania, Austria, Francia, Suiza, Suecia, Brasil, Ecuador, Portugal, Holanda, entre otros.





INTEGRO is a theater company with 35 years of continuous work founded by Peruvian director Oscar Naters, whose projects incorporate elements of change and thought about the cosmic dimension of human being through the exploration and interdisciplinary experimentation with media and artistic practices. 

The core of Integro is hybrid performances. Harmonization, juxtaposition and invention of rituals and wisdom arising from both old and new cultural migrations.

The company has taken part in more than 40 international festivals, such as the International Cervantino Festival in Mexico; Latin American Theatre Festival in Cádiz, Spain; Sommertheater Festival, Hamburg, Germany; International Theatre Festival in Bogota, Colombia; Vikram Sarabhai International Arts Festival, Ahmedabad, India, and has performed tours in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Brasil, Ecuador, Portugal, Holland among others. 


Oscar Naters

ES Director escénico, artista visual y performer. Estudió Artes Plásticas en el Instituto Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucarest, Rumania. Cine en la escuela de Armando Robles Godoy, Lima, Perú. Coreografía y video danza en el American Dance Festival, Duke University, USA. Premio Nacional de Cultura Perú 2017.

EN Gifted artist who has accomplished extraordinary professional achievements in his field of multimedia art and performance. For the last thirsty five years, he has led Integro, the preeminent contemporary theater company of Peru which has set a higher standard for national artists and received numerous recognitions and awards, in Peru and internationally. In 2017, Mr. Naters received the prestigious Premio Nacional de Cultura (Peru's National Prize in Culture) in the Innovation category from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.

His approach to dance started in 1981, when he returned from Romania after completing studies in fine arts. He went on to establish Integro, working as a director and choreographer. Naters had persisted and matured professionally producing extraordinary works that continue to innovate and create new frontiers for creative expression.

Nater's success as a director is due to his constant questioning of the status quo, fascination with the origins of and our commitment to nature, landscape and national heritage as well as his ability as a researcher, which deepens, personifies and enhances the essence of other artistic manifestations. Specifically poetry, narrative and political discourse, transform them into a national scene full of identity and spirituality. His capacity to produce powerful performances and profound experiences in the public is based in his creative genius as much as his strong commitment to conducting rigorous research and analysis of indigenous culture, arts and mythology. Combining them with contemporary ideas and styles in a manner that is respectful and daring, postmodern and ancient, both in its conception and its delivery.

Ana Zavala

ES Bailarina y coreógrafa. Su trabajo nace de la fusión de diversas disciplinas del cuerpo. Una síntesis que contiene elementos de danza contemporánea, danzas tradicionales y performance.

EN Interdisciplinary dance artist who focuses on movement, narrative and history. Her works tends to tell stories in which tradition and modernity meet, and where local and global concerns touch. She is particulary interested in pre-Colombian myths and contemporary Latin American cultural contexts. Her interventions are preceded by extensive research and practice. She has received individual scholarships in India, France, Sweden and Switzerland, and received a National Award in Peru for Choreography in 2000.

Together with Oscar Naters and Integro, they have always been at the vanguard of Peruvian dance theater, and have, since then, broken international ground. Their work has been invited to Europe and latin America alike. In Peru, Integro is now an essential part of the national cultural scene. Ana and Oscar have always worked closely together in their choreographies, being a team in which ideas, research, choreography and movement are equally important in the creation of any piece.


In the last ten years, the complexity of her commitments has only deepened, with several outstanding projects. An underlying motif in their work is the unearthing of spiritual and cultural latencies buried under the debris of our failed modernities. Her references are sophisticated and universal, but with a sensible relation to repressed Andean traditions. 


Integro Compañía de Teatro Interdisciplinario

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